Johanna Says Farewell But Not Goodbye

Johanna's last day with Berrett-Koehler as the VP of Editorial and Digital will be June 11, 2010. After moving to Australia, Johanna will continue to work for BK as the VP for Business Development on a part-time basis. And now, a few parting words from the lady:

Dear BK Community,

Thank you for the opportunity to share some news about my changing role at Berrett-Koehler. My husband’s employer has offered him a 2-4 year assignment in Perth, Australia. It’s a great professional opportunity for him, and hopefully an exciting adventure for us both, so we have decided to take the plunge and move there. My last day as editor and Vice President of Editorial and Digital will be Friday, June 11th. My actual move to Australia is set for early August.

Happily, the organization has approved a plan under which I will work part-time from Perth as Vice President for Business Development. I will be providing leadership for a few, special cross-departmental projects--such as steering the company’s transition to an XML-based workflow -- and with maintaining primary responsibility for a limited number of key partnerships. BK is in the process of hiring a new acquisitions editor (you’ll read more about our exciting new hire in a future newsletter), and David Marshall will be assuming my current responsibilities for leading the editorial and digital functions at the company.

It has been a great privilege meeting so many dedicated members of the BK community over the past several years; I’m endlessly inspired by your collective dedication to creating a world that works for all. Note that this week marks “onward!” rather than good-bye, as I’m looking forward to serving in my new role and remaining active in the community. Thanks to the wonders of technology, my BK contact information will remain unchanged. Feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter -- and, of course, let’s stay in touch via BK Community, announced elsewhere in this issue. I promise to post plenty of photos and accounts of life in what the guidebooks all call (gulp!) “the most remote large city on the planet.” Have a wonderful summer, all!




  1. I wish you safe travels and an easy relocation Johanna, err mate! While I've only been on the east coast of Australia, I found it to be an amazing place with picturesque landscapes, charming cities, fascinating cultures, great vegetarian food, witty people and curious micro-climates. Enjoy this adventure! I look forward to reading about it!

    Sending much cheer your way,


  2. Thanks, Kendra! I really appreciate the good wishes.

  3. Dear Johanna and Fred! Here's to safe travels, fantastic new adventures, and all my best wishes in both of your new positions!

    Rick & Ringo

  4. What a wonderful opportunity, congratulations on the courage to take a plunge. Your daily contribution will be missed but you will be back! I hope to see you at the Demos celebration.

    Best thoughts,


  5. Wow! The rumors are true...:) Hope we can get together before you leave. Six years, how time flies! They were and are still lucky to have you at BK. Cute haircut too, btw....Love, Allison B

  6. You'll be sorely missed, Johanna. Those Aussies are lucky to be getting you... love, Marisa