Five Good Reasons for Taking Over Seven PoliPoint Titles

BK's chief Steven Piersanti outlines his thinking and gives five reasons why he feels that acquiring seven titles from PoliPoint is a very good idea:

Over the years Berrett-Koehler Publishers has had many opportunities to acquire the rights to books published by other publishing companies. Yet until now we have always passed on these opportunities. So why did we jump at this opportunity? Here are five reasons why we found these seven PoliPoint Press titles to be a great addition to the Berrett-Koehler book list.

#1. All seven titles are important and well-written books. They make significant new contributions to major topics in our world today, including health care, education, politics, free speech, journalism, racism, and the economy.

#2. Each of these books is a great fit with the Berrett-Koehler publication list. Each advances our mission of “Creating a World That Works for All” and each fits right in with our “BK Currents” line of books.

#3. We wanted to be connected with these authors, because each is an authority of her or his topic, is highly respected, and has a great story to tell and message to share.

#4. Several of these books have strong sales potential. And as if to make my point, as I am writing this I just received word that Never in My Wildest Dreams is currently number 2 on the Seattle Times hardcover bestseller list.

#5. We always look to publish books that will be of enduring relevance and have a long sales life, instead of books that will have only a brief day in the sun. These books will continue to be important and useful for many years to come.

It is no coincidence that these five points closely match how Berrett-Koehler evaluates any potential title for publication. Over 1,500 new book projects are proposed to Berrett-Koehler each year, and these factors are central in our deciding what to publish and not publish.

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