The New Digs

A quick 5-minute walkthrough of our new offices in Oakland. Snide commentary does not represent opinions of Berrett-Koehler or its (other) employees or affiliates.


  1. Jeevan is a captivating narrator...should have included a "selfie". And, I'm certain that everyone must have read "REPACKING YOUR BAGS"(re orange crates) to make the move happen smoothly?!

  2. I love Jeevan's reflection caught on the glass. Very Hitckockian.

  3. Nice job Jeevan. Aside from the motion-sickness, I was with you:) See you all in December!

  4. Too many conference rooms = too many meetings!
    Where are the closets for introverts?

    Too many windows = Too much reflection!
    Where are the grindstones? Where are the noses?

    Too much lunch room = Too many calories!
    Where are the exercise machines?

    I know, I know: The closets, the grindstones, the exercise machines are all in the ORANGE BOXES!

    This is just great for all of you and for our books.

  5. Looks like a pretty nice office. Hope you will all enjoy working there. And hopefully I'll come and visit you next year.